Cash payment for Egyptian nationals

Please pay the registration fee in cash in Egyptian Pounds (£E) to the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC), following this procedure. 
First, please send an email to to make an appointment, stating your name and the same email address you supplied in the online registration form.  
An appointment can be made at the NVIC from Sunday to Thursday between 09:00 and 12:00.  
The NVIC is located at 1, Dr Mahmoud Azmi Street, Zamalek 11211, Cairo.

The Early Registration fee must be paid to the NVIC before 28 February 2023. The Late Registration fee must be paid to the NVIC before 31 May 2023.  
Please note that the NVIC fixes an exchange rate of the Euro (€) against the Egyptian Pound (£E) each month. Therefore, the total amount that you are required to pay in Egyptian Pounds may fluctuate per month.

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