Mission statement

The XIIIth International Congress of Egyptologists (2023) aims to reflect current scholarship and to open a dialogue on Egyptology in a wider sense. What is the place of Ancient Egypt in contemporary society and Academia and how can we keep our discipline relevant for the future? If we aim to move beyond its colonialist origins, while embracing inclusiveness and accessibility, how do we achieve this? How do we maintain standards of scholarship in the face of trends in university education? And finally, how can Egyptologists around the globe connect with each other, to exchange ideas in an environment in which each colleague’s voice can be heard?

The XIIIth ICE will be foremost a platform to present the latest research in Egyptology, being the showcase of present-day and future research within its many branches. Ideally, presentations will establish a clear link with one of the above congress themes. The Organising Committee proposes to also discuss the above themes in separate panel discussions in open dialogue.

The XIIIth ICE will adopt Arabic as one of the congress languages. Most general information will be made available in English and Arabic, in recognition of the importance of Egyptian Egyptology and the changing scholarly landscape.

Lectures or panel discussions on the following topics will be particularly welcomed at the XIIIth ICE. These are, in alphabetical order:

  • Climate and climate change in antiquity
  • Digital Egyptology
  • Egyptology and interdisciplinary research
  • Egyptology and museology
  • Egyptology and the dissemination of research
  • Historiography of Egyptology
  • (Illegal) trade in ancient Egyptian artefacts
  • Inclusion and diversity in Egyptology
  • International reception of ancient Egypt
  • Protecting ancient Egyptian heritage