The International Congress of Egyptologists is the largest regular gathering of Egyptologists and specialists from related fields worldwide. It is held every four years, each time at a different host institution, and provides hundreds of scholars with the opportunity to share their research with colleagues.

All International Congresses of Egyptologists are organised under the auspices of the International Association of Egyptologists; see the list of previous Congresses on the IAE website. In July 2019 it was decided that Leiden is the venue for the 13th Congress, to be held in August 2023.


Organising Committee

In 2023, the XIIIth edition is organised by Egyptologists from:

under the auspices of the International Association of Egyptologists (IAE).

Members of the Organising Committee are:

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the XIIIth Conference of Egyptologists advises on scholarly matters, and will review all proposed presentations (starting from August 2022).

Members have been recruited from our organisational supporting institutions and from among colleagues who are associated with Leiden University or the National Museum of Antiquities (Leiden, the Netherlands) in some way. The University of Leuven (Belgium) has been invited to contribute its expertise as well.

Members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Ben van den Bercken, MA (Allard Pierson, Amsterdam)
  • Dr Rob Demarée (Leiden University)
  • Prof.Dr Mark Depauw (KU Leuven)
  • Dr Jacobus van Dijk (Groningen University)
  • Dr Koen Donker van Heel (Leiden University, Papyrological Institute)
  • Dr Maher Eissa (Fayoum University; PhD Leiden University)
  • Dr Willem van Haarlem (Allard Pierson, Amsterdam)
  • Dr Ben Haring (Leiden University)
  • Dr Cisca Hoogendijk (Leiden University, Papyrological Institute)
  • Prof. Dr Olaf Kaper (Leiden University)
  • Helbertijn Krudop, MA (National Museum of Antiquities, conservation department)
  • Prof. Dr Dimitri Laboury (ULiège; Visiting Professor NINO)
  • Dr Rita Lucarelli (University of California, Berkeley; PhD Leiden University)
  • Dr Marleen De Meyer (NVIC and KU Leuven)
  • Dr Miriam Müller (Leiden University)
  • Dr René Preys (KU Leuven and University of Namur)
  • Prof. Dr Maarten Raven (National Museum of Antiquities)
  • Dr Chris Reintges (CNRS; PhD Leiden University)
  • Dr Ibrahim Saweros (Sohag University; PhD Leiden University)
  • Dr Sarah Schrader (Leiden University, Faculty of Archaeology)
  • Dr Daniel Soliman (National Museum of Antiquities)
  • Dr Nico Staring (Leiden University)
  • Prof. Dr Yann Tristant (KU Leuven)
  • Prof. Dr Miguel John Versluys (Leiden University, Faculty of Archaeology)
  • Prof. Dr Jacques van der Vliet (Leiden University)
  • Dr Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood (Textile Research Centre, Leiden)
  • Dr René van Walsem (Leiden University)
  • Dr.Habil. Lara Weiss (National Museum of Antiquities)
  • Prof. Dr Willeke Wendrich (UCLA; PhD Leiden University)
  • Prof. Dr Harco Willems (KU Leuven)

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for presentations, posters and attendance for the XIIIth Congress of Egyptologists will open on 6 August 2022. Registration fees have been announced in the First Circular. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Important dates

20 July 2022

First Circular

6 August 2022

Registration opens

1 October 2022

Deadline for submitting paper abstracts and poster abstracts

15 December 2022

Second Circular

15 December 2022

Results of peer review of paper presentations

28 February 2023

Deadline for early registration

31 March 2023

Late deadline for submitting poster abstracts

30 April 2023

Results of peer review of poster abstracts submitted after 1 October

31 May 2023

Deadline for late registration

Late deadline for submitting poster abstracts 
N.B.: late deadline for poster abstracts is 31 March

1 July 2023

Third Circular with complete programme and final announcements

6-11 August 2023

International Congress of Egyptologists


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Mission statement

The XIIIth International Congress of Egyptologists (2023) aims to reflect current scholarship and to open a dialogue on Egyptology in a wider sense. Our full mission statement is found on this page.

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Mission statement
Mission statement